Campus Plans are the District of Columbia’s formal structure for universities in residential areas to forecast their anticipated enrollment and development. Under the DC zoning code, universities are required to obtain formal approval from the DC Zoning Commission to operate on land in residentially zoned communities. Campus Plans also detail plans and commitments for managing any expected impacts of universities on their communities.

Georgetown University has worked, through close collaboration with the Georgetown Community Partnership (GCP), to develop a proposed 20-year consensus Campus Plan. The Campus Plan reflects the University’s ongoing master planning initiatives that support future academic programs and a vibrant living and learning community; a strategic student housing renewal program with a focus on renovations; and a comprehensive, results-based program to enhance neighborhood life.

The GCP was established in 2012 to facilitate consensus-based decision-making among University, students and community leaders through a collaborative and consensus-driven process. Among other measures, the GCP has worked to establish the framework, goals, and principles of the long-range planning efforts undertaken by the University that underpin the new proposed Campus Plan.

The successful partnership of the GCP has enabled the University to develop a proposed 20-year consensus Campus Plan, removing historical constraints and bringing predictable stability to enable the work of the University’s academic and physical master planning, while managing and mitigating impacts and maintaining a high quality of life in our shared communities. The 20-year term allows the University to think more broadly to envision the future of the campus, and provides members of the community with an understanding of the University’s key priorities and commitments.

An initial draft of the Campus Plan was developed by the GCP and shared publicly early in June of 2016. The GCP conducted multiple briefings on the draft Plan for students, faculty, staff, neighbors, and city and federal leaders and solicited feedback during a Public Comments period that ran from June 6 through July 15, 2016. Those comments, as well as responses, can be found in the Public Comments section of this website. Feedback received over this time period was incorporated into the Campus Plan filed with the DC Zoning Commission on September 1, 2016 (Zoning Commission Case #16-18). A summary of changes made to the Plan can be found here.


Click here to view the 2017 Campus Plan.